Weighing Systems

Ishida is the uncontested world leader in the field of multihead weighers.  It continuously improves and refines multihead weighing by a combination of applications experience, advanced technology and innovative engineering. R-Series weighers are an excellent example of this.

Multihead weighing technology, originally brought to market by Ishida, has revolutionised the food industry. Through ongoing advances in speed and productivity, Ishida still maintains the leading position in this market, with over 30’000 multihead weighers installed and a 60% market share worldwide.

Ishida was first to bring the multihead weigher to market. Ever since, it has consistently led innovation, a fact reflected in the over 2000 patents held to date. The technology has delivered important increases in speed and accuracy to the food industry. We firmly believe there are many more advances to come.

Reliability is everything

Ishida multihead weighers have a record of fast payback. This reliability is widely recognised to be based on design and engineering excellence.

The principle of multihead weighing

The multihead weigher feeds product into its array of weigh hoppers. The weigher’s computer then determines which combination of hoppers will most closely match the target weight. These hoppers then release their contents into the packaging machine, via the discharge chute.